How we Farm

Our farming method is simple. We start with high quality, organic, non-GMO seeds, fresh water, and rich vegan compost. With the proper growing environment tailored towards each plant’s needs. These are the ingredients that go into producing our high quality nutritious sprouts, micro greens, and wheatgrass.


Seed- We source seeds from all over the world. We either work directly with farmers or seed cleaning companies that align with our practices. Our goals are to find seeds that have high germination and high purity. Which makes for long-lasting high-quality sprouts and micro greens. We also source seeds that are certified organic and non-GMO.

Water- Since we are an urban farm, we use municipal water. We test the water for contaminations on a monthly basis, by sending samples to our laboratory. We use water-conserving methods like drip irrigation.

Compost- We make all of our own compost. All materials in the compost comes from on-farm inputs. Most of our compost is from harvested trays of micro greens and wheatgrass. We do not add any animal manures to our compost. The compost is heated to high temperatures that kills any bad bacteria that could cause damage to the products we grow.

Biodiversity & Natural Resources- We believe in maintaining a rich biodiversity around the farm. This includes planting flowering herbs for pollinators. Maintaining wild areas that attract beneficial insect and raptor nesting around the farm. Contain all water run-off to the farm, to ensure we do not overwhelm any water ways or ground water in our area.

Food Safety- We have a robust food safety program that is third party certified with Primus GFS. We test our sprouts for salmonella and e. coli 0157 before they leave the farm. All inputs come from reliable sources. The food safety program is operating 24 hours 7 days a week to insure we are providing a safe and healthy product for the public.

Farmers (employees)- We ensure our staff has good working conditions. We offer Fair living wages, health care, and retirement savings. Our staff is year-round, and we do not use any labor contractors or migrant work forces.